We are always planning 5 steps ahead.  Given grading week for Wollondilly Karate is coming up early May, we have updated everyone’s WhiteBelt (mobile app) student profiles.  Parents can see how many days have passed since their child last graded AND NOW how many more classes their child needs to complete. 

Below is a student who has taken a break from classes ie has had enough time passed but not enough classes yet.  We hope this helps students to physically and mentally prepare if it may be possible to grade (Sensei will still need to invite students to grade if she believes that they are ready). 

You can always book in make up classes or additional classes. 

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  ❤

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Example of a Wollondilly Karate student’s WhiteBelt (mobile app). Helping parents to know when their children may be ready to grade.

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