We are still not able to have our ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ parties but we will celebrate none the less, albeit differently.

SATURDAY the 15th of May, pop in anytime from 10am to 12noon at Tahmoor dojo (98 York Rd). This is not only for students who graded BUT ALL STUDENTS.

We are celebrating OUR 4th BIRTHDAY as well as celebrating all those who achieved new belts.

What’s happening???

  • New belts & certificates will be awarded to those who graded and passed.
  • Birthday cake (yummy)
  • Professional photographer Rebecca Coyte will have her studio set up in the hall. Every student will get their portait taken using their favourite karate skill (yep jumping flying kicks are encouraged). MUST WEAR YOUR KARATE UNIFORM AND BELT!!!!! Family groups are also possible (but maybe not all doing flying kicks 🤣).

Photos will be available to download for FREE after the event (it takes time to edit the images).

Wollondilly Karate celebrates on the 15th of May 2021 !!

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