An extraordinary tournament in many ways. The highlights for Sensei weren’t the trophies (though there were many). Sensei’s highlights:

  • It was watching Ella fiercely completing in the advanced division for kata, with 9 black belts and coming 5th.
  • It was seeing Caleb blocking all those head kicks while moving forward in the fight (he has worked so much on this).
  • It was knowing Emma just blew everyone away with her fierce kata performance – almost drawing for 3rd amongst 10 competitors.
  • It was witnessing Lara come back after tears to fight in her 2nd round and winning.
  • It was telling Kieran I would understand if he didn’t want to fight in his 2nd round (against a mountain of a kid) but he said “yeah ok Sensei I want to give it a crack”.
  • It was standing beside Dane as he finally faced the one kid he has worked hard to fight.
  • It was knowing our team were all supported by Senpai Kristin while Sensei was an official – her first time in the coach role.
  • It was seeing how team Wollondilly Karate, cared & supported each other!!

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