Are you coming to our 4th Birthday & Grading Party for all students? PLEASE RSVP NO OR YES to the email we are sending out to every student / parent.


  • Saturday 15th of May (pop in anytime between 10am and 12noon)
  • Tahmoor CWA Hall Dojo – 98 York Street
  • For all students (not just students who graded)


  • Professional photographer Rebecca Coyte will have her studio set up. Every student will be able to have their photograph taken using their favourite karate skill (yep jumping flying kicks are encouraged!) MUST WEAR YOUR KARATE UNIFORM AND BELT. Student family groups are also possible (but maybe not all doing flying kicks together – Bahaha). Photos will be available to download for FREE after the event (it will take Rebecca time to edit the images).
  • Yummy special birthday treat for everyone (yes will be gluten & dairy free and even vegan so everyone can enjoy).
  • New belts and certificates for those who graded and passed.

NO SATURDAY CLASSES WILL BE RUN DUE TO THE GRADING PARTY. Those booked into Saturdays can book in a make up class or seek a refund (just let us know).

Wollondilly Karate will be celebrating 4 years in May 2021 that we opened our doors.

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