• Webshop is live!
    Go to WollondillyKarate.com and click on ‘Webshop’ page. Purchase uniforms, sparring equipment & our NEW T-Shirts. 
    We are now also selling mouth guards.
  • Temporary CHANGE TO SOME VENUES (due to Council elections)
    From Jul 20 to Oct 9 Council need Tahmoor CWA Hall.
    During this time, these are the venue changes:
    Mondays and Thursdays – no change
    Tuesdays and Saturdays – Bargo Community Hall 96 Radnor Rd
    Wednesdays – Tahmoor Community Hall 6 Harper Cl
  • Winter holidays
    Once again, we are open for half of the holidays for all classes.  CLOSED ONLY 2nd to 9th of July.
  • Grading week
    The second grading for the year will be conducted in all normal classes from Sat 21st to Thursday 26th August (see above for venue changes).  See Facebook events for more details (you do not need to be user of Facebook to see events).  Just go to http://www.facebook.com/WollondillyKarate
  • Pop in Party – students to wear uniform
    Saturday the 28th of August, pop in anytime from 12noon to 2.00pm at Bargo Community Hall (96 Radnor Rd).  Fun for everyone and newly achieved belts will be awarded. 
  • Have you noticed?
    When you are in your dojo app, if you click on the student’s belt image it will show you how many classes and time is needed for the next belt?  Therefore, you need to ensure you are checking into classes, in your app or dojo tablet as you enter.
  • Thursday classes
    We now have Karate Kids beginner classes (white to blue belts only).  3.15pm on Mondays and now Thursdays at Thirlmere dojo.

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