The Tokyo Olympics will be the first time karate will be an official sport at an Olympics. It will feature two aspects of karate: Kumite (will be non contact sparring) and Kata (form). The Kumite competition will feature 60 karatekas (karate practitioners) across men’s and women’s weight divisions, while the Kata competition will feature 20.

What will the karate style be?

Wollondilly Karate students train in the karate style of Kyokushin, which is a full contact style. However the Olympics fighting division is non contact. Wollondilly Karate students who wish to watch the karate competition at the Tokyo Olympics will experience a different sparring style and will be treated to different katas that they have not experienced before. Sensei Sarhn will be watching and is looking forward to the seeing karate at the Olympics for the very first time.

When does the tokyo olympic karate competition start?

The karate competition at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics will be held from 5-7 August 2021 at Nippon Budokan.

What is kumite at the tokyo olympics?

The Kumite aspect of karate will feature two karatekas (karate practitioners) competing against each other and will operate within a weight class system. Two competitors face off in a Kumite match, each armed with gloves and foot protection. Athletes use punches, kicks, strikes for three minutes to score points. The Olympic karate competition is a non contact event, and athletes must maintain self control by stopping their actions before touching their opponent in order to score points and avoid warnings or penalties.

The karateka who has scored eight points more than their opponent is considered the winner. If this does not occur, the athlete who has the most points at the conclusion of the fight wins. In a tie, the competitor who scores the first unopposed point wins.

Earning points:

  • 3 points (ippon) kicking and hitting the opponent’s neck or head or applying any technique to a fallen opponent.
  • 2 points (Waza-ari) applying a kick to the opponent’s stomach, torso, back, or side.
  • 1 point (Yuko) delivering a closed hand punch or strike to the opponent’s head, neck, stomach, torso, back or side.

what is kata at the tokyo olympics?

Demonstrating offensive and defensive movements against a virtual opponent. The key features of Kata performances include strength, rhythm, balance and power. Competitors are evaluated based on the strength and accuracy of their techniques. Karatekas cannot perform the same Kata twice during a competition, thus strategy when selecting the Kata plays a significant role.

How to watch the karate event at the tokyo olympics?

  • In Australia, channel 7 will be broadcasting across 3 channels; 7, 7 Two, and 7 Mate and live streaming the event via their website.
  • For the full Tokyo Olympics program in the Australian Eastern Standards time, check out here.

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