Wollondilly Karate is located in the Wollondilly Shire, about one and half hours South of Sydney, Australia. We have venues in Tahmoor, Thirlmere and Bargo of Wollondilly.

We train in Kyokushin style of martial arts. Wollondilly Karate is affiliated with Trifu Dojo, Australian Kyokushin Federation and the World Kyokushin Federation.

After many years of teaching Kyokushin Karate in Sydney for Trifu Dojo, Sensei Sarhn and her family moved in 2013 to the beautiful, semi-rural Wollondilly shire; for a tree change and the caring community environment.

Sensei Sarhn was teaching her karate skills to her Little One at home then in 2017 opened a Trifu Dojo location right here in Wollondilly. Wollondilly Karate was born!

Through the teaching of karate skills, Sarhn passes onto children (teenagers and adults too) invaluable life skills like strength of character, compassion, respect, self awareness, focus, courage, determination, discipline and confidence. Sarhn’s teaching style with children is one of gentleness and strength. After many years of teaching children from various backgrounds, abilities and challenges, Sarhn knows exactly what teaching style is needed at every situation, so to achieve the best outcome for her students.

All students are treated with respect, commitment and attention – which is expected in return (not only for all Trifu Karate instructors but also parents and teachers at school).

Most karate dojos don’t teach very young children (under 5 year olds) because firstly it is hard work and secondly because instructors don’t expect very young children to have the ability to focus and learn karate. This is not Sarhn’s or Trifu Dojo’s belief and experience. Certainly class lessons need to be structured differently so that age appropriate lessons can be taught and learnt but parents are often surprised in their child’s attention and development growth after learning karate for a bit of time.

Great things are possible!