Closed now till Sat 8th October

After a fun week of karate games for the first week of the school holidays, WE ARE NOW CLOSED for second week of the school holidays (back from Sat 8th of Oct).

For now we leave you with the image of Senpai Dane demonstrating the sack race game at our Tahmoor venue in Wollondilly (yes you can laugh cause we all did ūüėā).

Senpai demonstrates the sack race to younger Ninja students at Wollondilly Karate at Tahmoor

Kyokushin Brown Belts Achieved

Congratulations to Dane and Jane who were presented their Kyokushin Karate brown belts, this week in class.

Many years of training, and hard work!

At our Tahmoor dojo venue in Wollondilly. Presenting Kyokushin karate brown belts (a full contact, martial arts style)

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Training for Next Karate Tournament

Wollondilly Karate will be forming a team to attend this ISKA Tournament. Details are on the flyer below.

Sensei is wanting to know which students are keen to compete in the ‘Ring Karate’ category (full contact fighting with Kyokushin Karate rules) and or the Kata category?

For students from aged 5 and divisions for all ages and abilities, right through to adults. YES THERE WILL BE BEGINNER AND NOVICE DIVISONS in all age brackets.

Even if you are not sure, Sensei needs to know who may be keen, so together with the Senpais we can start their training in class.

The benefits of training for and experiencing a karate tournament are numerous and greatly beneficial.


1) Tell Sensei and or ask any questions NOW

2) After speaking to Sensei, register at

A team from Wollondilly Karate (from Tahmoor dojo) will be attending this ISKA tournament

Congratulations to All Grading Students

50 students graded in August’s grading week, from Wollondilly Karate, at our Tahmoor dojo. Congratulations to our two newest Purple Ninja belts (Ninja program is for 3 to 5 year olds).

Congratulations also to those students who achieved higher Kyokushin Karate belts. Olivia and Shylah achieving green belt, Emma and Riley achieving senior green belt and Dane and Jane achieving their brown belts.

Congratulations everyone!!!

TOP PHOTO: two newest Purple Ninja belts at Wollondilly Karate Tahmoor. BOTTOM PHOTO: after their 3 hour Kyokushin Karate grading for green, senior green and brown belts.

Closed for 2nd Week of School Holidays

We are now CLOSED for the second week of the school holidays. Back from Saturday the 16th of July 2022. ūüėé

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Free School Holiday Activity in Wollondilly

Our free fun karate school holiday activities are at Tahmoor CWA Hall (98 York Street Tahmoor)

SPECIAL HOLIDAY FREE KARATE FUN for those who have never done Karate before.

Wed 6th July at Tahmoor CWA Hall (98 York Street)

12.30 – 1.00pm (3 to 5 age)
1.15 – 2.00pm (6 to 12 age)
2.15 – 3.00pm (6 to 12 age)
spots are limited

TO REGISTER all we need is:
1) child/rens names
2) what class you would like to book
3) Parent name and mobile

Contact us

NEWSLETTER – June 2022

  1. A gentle reminder to keep students home if they are unwell.  We always offer make up classes, that never ever expire and can be shared amongst family members.  Just message us to book in a make up class.

  2. Reminder that we are OPEN for the first week of the Winter school holidays and then CLOSED for the second week.  Dates we are CLOSED are Sat 9th, Mon 11th, Tues 12th, Wed 13th of July.  Reopening Sat 16th of July.

  3. Next Grading Week is from Sat 6th of August.  August Grading Week 2022 is happening in all classes on Sat 6th, Mon 8th, Tues 9th and Wed 10th of August, during normal class times.**

    # For students who have been invited to grade by Sensei (but all students can join in the grading class).  Click on the belt colour icon in your Whitebelt mobile app to see if enough classes and enough time has past, to gauge if an invitation is likely (this is just a gauge as Sensei takes a lot into consideration).  Any trouble with your mobile app, please delete it and reinstall it again.  See Sensei if you can not access your app.

    # Emails will be sent out on Friday night the 29th of July to all those who Sensei has advised will be invited to grade (she will advise parents and students in classes, the week before).

    **Kyokushin Green belts & above grading, will be on Saturday the 6th of August at Tahmoor CWA Hall (our normal dojo hall). 11.30am to 2.30pm (dojo will be open from 11am for students to warm up etc). 3 hour grading because brown and green belts grade now together.

  4. End of year Awards Ceremony & Christmas Party.  We are already planning for our biggest party yet (yep it takes us 6 months to pull it off).  Details will be coming out nearer to the time but for now, put in you diary Saturday 10th of December kicking off at 1pm sharp (traditional awards ceremony) followed by an awesome Christmas party.  Venue is at Wollondilly Leisure Centre.  The whole family is invited.

  5. Win a $50 Wollondilly Karate webshop¬†gift voucher (to spend on anything in our webshop).¬† Any Wollondilly Karate¬†student or parent who is following Sensei Sarhn on instagram will go into the draw (even if you have been following for awhile).¬† Sensei will draw out a name and will announce the winners on Wollondilly Karate’s facebook page on Thursday the 30th of June.¬†¬†

Open Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend 2022

Yes we are open for all classes Saturday 11th and Monday 13th of June, for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Open for all the fun, fitness and learning. ūüôā

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