When and where are your classes?
Our current timetable and venue (dojos) details are always updated on the Timetable page of this website.

What ages do you teach?
At Wollondilly Karate we teach from as young as 3 (some children may even be ready by 2.5 years for our fun Ninja program). We have many age classes for preschool children, primary age children, preteens, teenagers and adults. Check out our Timetable page for details.

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, Wollondilly Karate offers a free two week trial, so you and your family can see if we and our classes are right for you. To book your children and or yourself into a free trial, we just need full names of the trial students, date of birth and a contact email and phone number. Feel free to check out our Book Your Free Two Week Trial page.

Does my child have to grade?
No. We believe in not forcing students to grade. Grading is a personal and parental decision. Though obtaining different levels of belts is a good way of rewarding student’s hard work, Sensei Sarhn encourages children to seek internal rewards like pride in achieving a challenging task. For those who wish to grade, the opportunity will be given three times a year.

Does my child have to participate in sparring?
No. Only once children have learnt significant skills and techniques for self-defense, will they be even allowed to participate in sparring under very strict rules and instructor supervision. You and your child will always have the choice if sparring is for them.

What are the costs of joining Wollondilly Karate?
There are many options that change the price of our karate classes but as an idea they start at around $15 / class. At your first free trial class (we offer a free two week trial) you will receive an information pack with all the options and details etc. After your free two week trial, if you would like to join, there is a once only joining membership of $88 and this includes a FREE karate uniform (which we call a dogi).

Are there any additional expenses I will incur?
There are no additional costs that are obligatory (other than the once only joining membership and training options). If your child grades, there will be a cost to cover the grading process. When your child is ready to spar (Karate Kids age and above); gloves, mouth guards, groin guards, head guards and shin pads will be needed (all of which can be purchased at discounted prices through Wollondilly Karate’s Webshop).

Do you accept the NSW Active Kids Rebate vouchers?
Yes we do! We gladly accept all Active Kids Rebate vouchers for our classes (we are not allowed to use these vouchers for joining fees, uniforms or safety equipment i.e. must be physical activity pursuits).

Will my child use their karate skills outside the Dojo?
This is strongly discouraged and frowned upon. A child may be asked to leave training if they use martial arts for the wrong reasons and this philosophy is a very real one. We will not tolerate any unnecessary use of force or aggression.

Is Karate okay for girls?
Considering that Sensei Sarhn is female, the answer will not come as a surprise – YES Karate is brilliant for girls.

Children on the spectrum, ADHD, anxieties or learning challenges?
Sensei Sarhn has had a lifetime of experience personally and professionally working with children who at times need additional support or creative teaching methods. Therefore it isn’t surprising that many children who are on the spectrum, have ADHD, anxiety or have learning challenges, find their way to Wollondilly Karate. We care and we are very patient.

How many classes a week do we have to do?
At Wollondilly Karate, students can do one class a week or many classes a week. As students progress in our program and achieve higher belts, more classes a week is advisable.

What if we miss a class?
Missed classes can be made up at any other class that has availability (just send a message to book a make up class). Make ups never expire and can be shared amongst family members – we love seeing our students training.