Below are our two karate belt systems. One for our Ninja’s program (children aged 3 to 5 years old).

The other belt system is for Kyokushin Karate which we teach children from age 6, through to preteens, teenagers and adult classes.

We have beginner, intermediate and advanced Kyokushin classes at Wollondilly Karate.

Check out our timetable page for when these classes are offered.

Grading FAQs

Q. How will I know when my child can grade?
Sensei Sarhn will let you know. The formula depends on preparation and readiness. Parents can get an idea if their child is likely ready to grade from their student dojo app. After logging in, by clicking on the student’s program (their current belt image) parents and students can see how many more classes and time is needed before they can grade (this is a rough guide, as Sensei Sarhn will still be watching in class to see who is ready to grade and hence invite those students to grade as the time gets closer).

Q. If my child gets the jitters on the day will they fail the grading?
Your instructor knows what your child is capable of from watching them in class, so the instructor already has a good idea how to bring out the best of the student. Wollondilly Karate will always make your child feel good about themselves so no need to fear your child may not cope well with a bad grading. The instructor will give the students the opportunity to show they have improved their focus and abilities since having started the program.

Q. If my child passes when does he/she receive the belt?
Either the following week in their normal class or sometimes a special Grading Ceremony party will be organised. Details of any such grading party will be advised well ahead of time.

Q. What does the grading fee cover?
The fee is for the test itself and the grading process. By paying the fee, this does not mean you are paying for a belt. We do not sell belts. There needs to be a test and a formal grading process to follow. Grading fees and results are passed on to the National organisation.

Q. Must my child grade?
No student is obliged to grade. If you decide not to grade, please speak to your child about it to make sure that he/she knows it is not because you don’t have faith in their abilities and explain your decision. Grading is a feel good time so we need the parents input to be positive.

Q. My child does not know their Kata should I hold them back?
We have seen a child out perform others on a grading day when usually that same child may seem completely disengaged. However also know that prior to a grading is the optimal time for your child to take training seriously, so try and help your child by suggesting they spend sometime doing practice at home.

Q. Do you offer private lessons to assist my child in any problem areas?
Yes. Private lessons prior to gradings can be organised to assist. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get over a small hurdle. Many children benefit from private tuition.

Q. How regular are the gradings?
Lower belts can grade more regularly. A higher standard is required from our higher belts so they don’t grade as regularly as the juniors. Advancement is the key to keeping the junior belts engaged and excited.

Q. Is there anything I can do to help my child succeed in his/her grading?
Just support them. Parents already do plenty by just being the cheer squad, taxi service and financier. The rest is up to the students. Tournaments and seminars do show extra effort and therefore hold extra points towards gradings