“My children have been attending this dojo for a few years. It is a really special place and Sensei’s approach to teaching is unique and special. She teaches the art in martial arts, strength and endurance through kindness, and honours and respects her students so they reflect that back on their peers and elders. My children have thrived in this environment. Highly highly recommend over any other dojo.” – Jessica Savoie

“Best dojo in Wollondilly! My kids thrive here. Sensei Sarhn has a holistic approach to teaching, building traditional skills and promoting personal growth.” – Heather Dyer

“Your classes are great, and teaching style is honestly top class. I rate your business highly and I’ve owned multiple sports centres over the last 15 years.” – D.A.

“Initially we enrolled our son to help with his motor and social skills , It became clear very early that we were getting that and much more , Since being at this dojo our son has not only grown in motor and social skills he has also grown in self confidence and self worth. Sensei with her beautiful soul and warm heart along with her team of Senpai’s have a way of making everyone involved feel like family .We definitely recommend this dojo and Sensei Sarhn to everyone.” – Michelle Buruato

“My four grandchildren have been going to the Wollondilly Karate for four years. We are so blessed to have Sensei Sarhn to be part of all our children and also our lives to help them on their journey in life, learning so much from her and the Senpai’s.” – Karen Owen

“Highly Recommend Wollondilly Karate. Sensei Sarhn and Senpais are all very patient, professional and go above and beyond to make sure that their students are getting the most out of their lessons. My son has been attending for two years and loves going to each lesson and he highly respects his Sensei and Senpais and I do believe that these lessons are helping him to grow.” – Lisa J

“Sensei Sarhn is nothing short of amazing! Her teaching is inspiring and brings out the best in every student I see her teach. My daughter has been attending her dojo for years and still loves going! I can’t recommend Sarhn and the rest of the team enough.” – T.O

“We would not go anywhere else.” – Erin Dickeson

“We love Wollondilly Karate! My hubby and our eldest daughter attend. Sensei Sarhn and all the Senpai’s are so patient and knowledgeable.” – Sarah Robinson

“The team at Wollondilly Karate are nothing less than fantastic. The commitment they have to the students goes far beyond the dojo but into all aspects of their lives. The improvement in our children since they have started is a testimony to the time and effort they have invested.” – Lillian Powell

“We have been coming to Wollondilly Karate for nearly 4 years. Sensei is so encouraging, kind, and understanding of every child’s uniqueness and ability and caters to them. My kids confidence has grown a lot due to Wollondilly Karate.” – Samantha Sayers

“Sarhn and the crew at Wollondilly Karate are nothing short of amazing. My 7 year old is on the spectrum and I had my concerns in regards to him doing karate but he has just thrived and Sarhn has played a huge role in helping him learn respect and discipline, not just at the dojo but in all aspects of his life. It’s a great activity not just for the physical aspect but the mental training as well. We love it and would highly recommend Wollondilly Karate to anyone.” – S.B

“Sensei Sarhn and her team are the best! As a mum with 2 boys one adhd the other on the spectrum she always goes above and beyond for her students keeping her dojo running through lockdowns via cyber dojo so kids could stay connected, keep training and have some sort of normalcy and routine in such challenging times to making a home visit after my son had surgery when he broke his collarbone (riding his bike) to helping him regain his strength, and having meaningful conversations and guidance on how to use their training, now giving them confidence as they are about to attend their first tournament can’t recommend Wollondilly Karate enough!!!!!” – Karen Johnson

“My son has been with Sarhn for over three years and has loved learning all about karate. Sarhn has so much patience with the children and makes each lesson different and exciting.” – O.B

“Absolutely love the time, care and patience Sensei puts in for the little ones to build their confidence and love of Karate.” – Ashleigh & James Gibbons

“6 months in and our 4 year old still loves it! Sarhn and the team are all very patient and professional, making sure they go above and beyond with assisting the students with their accomplishments and goals. A great environment combining the traditional art with fun games for the under 5’s. Glad we chose Sarhn and the team for our journey.” – Meyrem Aktas

“We have been attending Wollondilly Karate for some time now and my kids absolutely love it. The way they go above and beyond for their students is truly amazing. During covid, quickly adapting to online class so kids could still have something. It’s probably what kept my sanity! I’ll be forever grateful.” – Amber Shortus

“My daughter has been doing karate here for a while and I would recommend Wollondilly Karate to anyone who is looking at getting their kids into karate.” – Dylan Stewart

“Lucas was such a shy boy, not wanting to take chances with something new but we managed to convince him to try karate. Wollondilly karate has been absolutely amazing from the very beginning, Sensei Sarhn has been so welcoming to us. I cannot recommend this place enough! Cannot wait to see how Lucas progresses. The smile from today’s class says it all!” – Megan Bray

“Sensei Sarhn is brilliant with all the kids. Family friendly, from 3 years old to adults, Everyone has fun and learns life skills and techniques along the way. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Cyber Dojo during Isolation has been so good for my son too.” – Michelle Clark

“Can’t recommend Sensei Sarhn enough, such a kind, caring instructor who shows true love and passion for what she does and those that she teaches! My boy absolutely loves his 2 karate lessons each week, and he has learnt so much from them!!” – Rebecca Coyte

“We love Sarhn and all she gives to her students. She’s always encouraging and endlessly patient. Thank you for all you do.” – Miriam Meischke

“My children had the privilege of learning karate under Sarhn’s guidance and instruction for many years. Sarhn is a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor who knows how to engage children and train them whilst teaching respect and discipline in a way that really captivates the children’s interest and attention. She has a real gift and it has been a privilege to have had Sarhn teach my boys karate.” – Jayna Hirani

“My daughter trained with Sarhn since she was 4. Sarhn is very nurturing, and able to control children and maintain their interest and attention, whilst making the classes fun for kids. Now that Sarhn is a mum too, I can only imagine that her kind and nurturing skills , and ability to relate to little people is greatly enhanced. I would not hesitate in commending Sarhn’s teaching abilities, where your kids will learn discipline, self respect, respect for others, karate skills, and have great fun along the way.” – Andrew Williams