Wollondilly Karate will be forming a team to attend this ISKA Tournament. Details are on the flyer below.

Sensei is wanting to know which students are keen to compete in the ‘Ring Karate’ category (full contact fighting with Kyokushin Karate rules) and or the Kata category?

For students from aged 5 and divisions for all ages and abilities, right through to adults. YES THERE WILL BE BEGINNER AND NOVICE DIVISONS in all age brackets.

Even if you are not sure, Sensei needs to know who may be keen, so together with the Senpais we can start their training in class.

The benefits of training for and experiencing a karate tournament are numerous and greatly beneficial.


1) Tell Sensei and or ask any questions NOW

2) After speaking to Sensei, register at http://www.iska.com.au

A team from Wollondilly Karate (from Tahmoor dojo) will be attending this ISKA tournament

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